Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Autum/Winter must haves

Fashion shows can flash by in a whirl of glitz and glam then before you know it, you're in the shops and you don't have a clue what to buy. If this sounds familiar, try to start off creating a capsule wardrobe; choose key items for each of your favourite trends and build looks around it.
Blanket wrap: These were absolutely everywhere on the runways and they will be a firm favourite this season because they are just so cosy! Wear with jeans and a simple top or even add to a fitted trouser suit to brighten up your work wear. Just make sure the colours are toned down and compliment your suit.
Faux fur: Faux fur was injected into coats and accessories for some chic outerwear. Perfect for keeping warm this season and the elegant fabric speaks for itself. If you are worried about a faux fur coat making you look bulky, opt for a scarf or hat in the trend instead.
Parka coat: This is the coat of the season and looks good on everyone. The drawstring waist gives shape to the coat so it won't swamp you or look unflattering. Try picking a neutral, dark colour which will be versatile with all outfits.
Metallic flats: Finally, flats are in and we intend to wear them as long as possible before the heels of SS15 come back in! These were debuted at Coco Chanel and are smart enough to wear for work but can also suit a more casual outfit.
Red dress: We spoke recently about red as this seasons colour which is all the more reason to buy that gorgeous maybe slightly too expensive dress. You deserve it! Be sure to keep the design simple and fitted and you will have every eye in the room glued to you!
Words by Charlotte Hobbs

Monday, 29 September 2014

Find us at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair...

Judy's Vintage fair are bringing the best and most affordable vintage fair the UK has ever seen to BRISTOL! Setting up shop in the Anson Rooms, they will be bringing together a selection of the best vintage traders for the day for a student shopping extravaganza!
Date- 30 Sep 2014 
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Anson Rooms
105 Queen's Rd,

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Trend Tuesdays: The Lady In Red

Credit: Dolce and Gabbana


Taking inspiration from our vintage idol Marilyn Monroe, there is no better way to face a dull day than with a slick of red lipstick. Just as well then that red is this seasons must wear colour. While the pastels have continued from the summer, red will always reign supreme with the rustic tones of Autumn and spark the start of that Christmas spirit come Winter.

As for the tones, pinkish and bright pillar box reds are the way to go. Pink reds generally work better for accessories while the deeper, royal reds are favoured for clothing pieces. When matching jewellery, delicate silvers look stunning with pink reds while gold with deep red will make you look the belle of the ball. Remember though, simple is the key to nailing this look!
Move over LBD, every woman needs a LRD in their wardrobe. Bold enough to make a statement, worn correctly, they knock the LDB out of the game for a simple evening look. Go for a longer length to avoid the trashy stigma of red and ensure to keep the design fairly plain.

We think red is also an excellent colour for the workplace. Our favourite way to wear it is as a rich red full skirt. This can be teamed with an ivory blouse or why not go all out and add a royal blue loose t-shirt (depending on how lenient your boss is on fashion forward looks!).

Feeling a little less daring? Take tips from Christian Louboutin with his hint of red soles and go for accessories. A red heel, coat or bag are easy to incorporate in to looks without over loading on the colour!

Words by Charlotte Hobbs

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Autumn/Winter 2014 trends

There's nothing better than a whole new seasons worth of fashion and boy is it full of exciting little gems. Lets dig in:
Layers go without saying when it's cold outside but of course, there is always a fashion forward way to do it! Try balancing patterns with plains and stick to more natural tones so there isn't too much going on in the outfit. It's also important to keep some parts simple and fitted: skinny's or slim line sleeves work best.
This season is all about the tailoring. Perfect to bring the trend in to work wear or to add a dressed up feel to a casual outfit. Either clash slouchy with sharp fitting or go chic with head to toe tailoring or sleek, block colours.
When the evenings get darker, nothing makes them feel more special than a dash of sparkle. Glitter was infectious on the runways and no item is safe. A popular pick for a night out, why not go against the grain and wear for daytime? Wearing jaw-dropping glitter trousers with a slouchy t-shirt is the ultimate statement this A/W.
Richard Nicoll went straight against the grain and even his own principals with his collection. Ditching his usual tailoring, he opted for fluid items that draped over the models. Mixing the pastel trend of the summer with the sparkle of this season, he created a fairy tale worthy collection. Picture the fairies you dreamed of a young child and you will be spot on! To get the look, pick out icy pastels and work in with shimmery smooth fabrics.
Another classic look that has endless possibilities is boho/western style. Paisley, floaty, fringing, colourful patterns: there are just so many ways to work this look. We love to mix up as many textures as possible, pairing floaty materials with thicker textures such as denim and leather. This trend is limitless and the more you pile on the better!
All good trends come back around and this time there was an injection of the 60's. This time the bold prints, shorter hemlines and shift dress tailoring were the main features. Look for the signature prints and maybe even drag out your vintage drop waist tailoring. If the weather allows, there has never been a better time to crack out the mini skirt.

Words by Charlotte Hobbs

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Makeup looks of the 1930's

Vintage isn't all about the fashion and it wouldn't be a complete look without the makeup. Just like the clothes, makeup looks fall in and out of fashion with each era. We don't know about you, but we think there is something fascinating about smoothing different colours on to our faces and transforming your look. Of course, there are some colours we regret dipping our brushes in to! But we never pass up a chance to try something new, or even gain inspiration from the past.

Compared to the other eras, the 30's seem to be the harshest in terms of makeup. Sharp lines and an emphasis on obviously false features, it was a look favoured by the stars of the time. It was far from the buxom red lips of Marilyn Monroe and the soft natural features beloved of the 50's.

Thanks to Cara Delevingne, we have all breathed a sigh of relief, put down our eyebrow tweezers and let those bad boys grow out a bit. This could not be more of an extreme difference to the 30's! Eyebrows were plucked out of existence and replaced with a thinly drawn line. Bet that was fun to look in the mirror at on a morning!

Eye looks veered away from natural tones and the 'no makeup' style with greens and pinks applied to eyes. The eye shadow's  were also applied to extend outside and above the usual eyelid or inner socket. Mascara also became much more obvious as women applied to the lower lashes too.

Much like the contouring splashed across our Tumblr feeds, blush was applied in a triangle shape to give the face a structured look. Not the scary highlighter/war paint we use now, but a similar idea introduced in Vogue magazine!

So, what do you think? We think we will leave our eyebrows in place (for the sake of our pain threshold!) but the introduction of colours inspires us. Perhaps we start moving away from the browns and add a splash of electric blue!

Words by Charlotte Hobbs

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trend Tuesdays: Transitioning in to Autumn

Burberry A/W Collection

While we are still clinging on to summer with our finger tips, the weather seems to be having other plans. So, if we have to start digging out the coats, we can at least do it in style. These trend tips are for those of you not ready to let go of the summer wardrobe but accepting it may be time to start introducing Autumn/Winter.

  • While keeping the rest of your outfit summery is do-able on warmer days, you will never regret a sturdier shoe. The A/W fashion shows had lots of water proof style boots because there is nothing more likely to kill that summer vibe than soggy feet!

  • If you are still unable to tear yourself away from the pretty footwear, there is an alternative: wedges! High enough off the ground to steer clear of puddles but more sturdy than a dainty kitten heel, it is the perfect transitional shoe!

  • Start to tone down the florals and pastels with the addition of brown. A cosy coat in tan doesn't have to be boring though. Try mixing up the shades of browns and adding different textures to create a demure yet interesting look.

  • The ultimate mash up for this transition is denim shorts with a knitted jumper. Try a typically autumn style jumper in burnt orange with ripped shorts and a pair of brown boots. Perfection!

  • Prints aren't don't have to be saved for summer and make the perfect addition to a plain outfit. Stay away from florals and try large, unusual patterns in more Autumnal colours. A big chunky scarf or a shirt with jeans will have you bouncing in to autumn chic in no time!

  • On those days where you know it's going to be cold at some point but you don't want to style your whole outfit around it, a chunky knit is a good option. Oversized and easy to throw over your shoulders: you will not regret it!

  • We all knew the dark colours would work their way in somewhere and this season, metallic is back. Last year, the metallic colours were bold and bright. This year, they are much more subtle and wearable. Dark colours with hints of metallic and lace will be popular and a great pick for evening wear.

Words by Charlotte Hobbs